Principal's Message


Gautam Buddha truly remarked – If you want to change your life, you must be willing to change your mind. From the last two consecutive years the world has witnessed the frightening assaults of the pandemic. The raging roars and the thundering crashes of the death toll called the shots.

These academic sessions begun amidst the unprecedented and colossal challenges. At it’s onset; prayer, hope and fellowship were the only means of survival. But when problem comes can solution be far behind? God paves out a way even in deepest forest. So do His pupils.

Bethany Convent School, Greater Noida runs on the principles of fullness of life for all. Therefore, we came out at this time of unrest to do our level best to help the ones in need, be it be the poor neighbours, or whosoever reached us for help.

I Sr. (Dr.) Shilpa deem it a great honour to be the head of this prestigious institution where humanity is taught above every lesson. Where grades are not the parameter of a child’s intellect.

In the words of Margaret Mead; a small group of committed people change the world. This speaks volumes of loyalty, dedication and expertise of the Bethany staff and employees who never left the children unattended and took excellent care of their academic and non-academic needs.

I am highly thankful to the Bethany parents and well wishers who have always rendered their full support and cooperation for the smooth functioning of our institution in the rough times. The school is just a building without students, your presence was badly missed and your worth was well experienced by everyone when you weren’t around. Thank you dear children for being the best part of us. We wish and pray for your bright and successful future.

Hope we will build up an enhancing relationship to cherish, for all the years to come……….



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