General Discipline
  • It is vitally important that changes in residence/office addresses and telephone numbers are to be communicated in writing to the office immediately when they occur.
  • The school does not hold itself responsible for injuries sustained by pupil while in the school. However, first aid will be rendered immediately and injuries necessitating Hospital/OPD treatment attended to, without delay.
  • Pupils are advised not to have private tuitions. Parents are urged to encourage their children to do their daily work diligently and honestly and to pay utmost attention to the studies in the class room. If there is real need for help contact the Principal.
  • Parents are encouraged to have their children undergo medical examination regularly for general well-being, especially eye, ear and dental care.
  • Parents and/or pupils (individually or collectively) are forbidden to give gift to teachers. Neither parties nor gift presentations by students or parents on birthdays of students or such occasions are allowed. Token of flower or a sweet may be allowed.
  • Collection of funds for whatever use is forbidden without prior permission of the Principal. Students shall not sell or take orders for any merchandise in school or in the name of the school.
  • Pupils are required to behave politely and avoid using indecent language or actions injurious to the feelings of fellow students, teachers or others in this school. Any such behaviour indicative of hurting others, caste or community will attract serious disciplinary action.
  • In the absence of the Teacher from the classroom, pupils are required to observe silence and obey the Monitor of the class.
  • Fines, which may be deemed necessary to be imposed on the students, are only to improve or to enforce discipline.
  • Pupils may be required to take part in various co-curricular and extra 20 curricular activities even outside School hours. When so required participation will be deemed compulsory.
  • Staying away from mandatory school functions, including Annual day and Sports Day, without prior permission and/or justification will be considered a discipline default
  • Each student’s safety is a major concern of the School. Therefore, the following should be strictly observed: -
    • Students must wear an identity card with the school uniform.
    • Parents of pre-primary students are required to teach their children their names, address, and telephone numbers.
    • If the child has to go to a place other than the normal one, a note from the parents must be sent to School requesting permission and stating the reason for the child to go to a different address after school.
  • Parents are advised to inform the Principal about any problem they may be facing regarding their children keeping in mind that it is only with sincerity and openness of the parents that the School will be able to help their child to become a well-adjusted person and a strong character with right attitudes. Needless to say, the disclosures made will be treated with the utmost confidentiality.
  • Pupils are strictly forbidden to make purchases from unauthorized dealers in or near the School premises.
  • Any students found travelling at odd hours with fellow students in a motorized vehicle without their parent’s permission and/or without a proper valid license will be liable for disciplinary action, if this is brought to the notice of the School authorities.
  • Students as well as parents are reminded that the minimum passing mark in the School is 40% both in the terminal exams as well as in the final promotional exams.
  • Although the conservation of our environment is fundamental, it is also equally important that applications made to the Principal or the School office be done in a decent sheet of paper. Applications submitted to the office or to the Principal inappropriately will not be considered.
  • Children must be in their respective classrooms at least ten minutes before the time fixed for the assembly to commence.
  • All pupils are expected to be present for assembly during which they pray together.
  • Running, playing, shouting and whistling inside the school building is not permitted.
  • No books (other than the text and library books), newspapers or periodicals and electronic gadgets like Transistors, Cameras, and Mobile Phones etc. should be brought to the school. Rs. 500/-will be collected as fine if any one of these gadgets found in possession.
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