The School recognizes parents to be the chief educators of their children. Therefore it seeks their cooperation and involvement as of utmost importance. They should acquaint themselves with the vision, philosophy and policy of the School by actively collaborating with the School in its efforts to reach out to the masses through its programmes and other attempts in making the school community an effective agent of social change. The management hopes to ensure this participation and partnership among the management, staff and parents through regular parent teacher meetings, informal contacts with parents etc.

Children should not be forced to study for longer periods. Private tuition is absolutely forbidden without prior discussion with the Principal and her consent except in exceptional cases where a child has missed classes due to prolonged illness. Tuition is injurious to genuine progress, as the child is not encouraged to learn self study skills and is prone to being inattentive, distracted and undisciplined in the class. A child has a tremendous potential hidden in her/him which needs to be tapped. Self study improves thinking and concentration and builds confidence in the child. Private tuition makes them dependent. Good eating habits, personal time¬ table for work, study, rest and recreation will discipline the life of a child. Parents are requested not to approach the school teachers for private tuition rather they should urge the child to be regular and attentive in the class room learning process.

Good Parenting Skills

  • Encourage your child to talk with you. He/she is full of new experiences to share and stories to tell.
  • Inculcate in your child the reading habit. Encourage him/her to read books.
  • Television can be fun and help your child learn. Television viewing should be planned regularly around the programmes cast for children. Whenever possible watch television along with your child and talk about what you have seen.
  • Let your child follow set schedules for home study, recreation, meal times etc. as it establishes consistency.
  • Encourage him/her to make a time table for home study, recreation etc. and prepare his/her things for school the next day.
  • Make your child responsible for a few household chores like keeping things in order, clearing the table etc.
  • Praise your child. Praise works much better than threats in getting your child to do what you want. Telling the child you did a job when he/she does something right makes him/her want to do it again. Children who are treated with love and respect grow up to be happy and confident. Show genuine interest, patience and understanding. Help him/her find answers to all his/her questions. Give him/her room to try new things, to make simple decisions and to explore new situations.
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