Disha Non-Formal Education, Greater Noida

Disha Non-Formal Education, Greater Noida
Feeling the pulse of the unemployed educated youth, especially the migrant girls, ‘Disha’, the Bethany Vocational Training Institute, in Greater Noida, was established in 2006. Disha true to its name offers direction and hope to the lives of many.
Construction site workers usually do not think of educating their children since they are constantly on the move. Bethany sisters at Greater Noida have been taking special interest in motivating the parents to educate their children.  Here at Disha Non-Formal School, the children of the rickshaw pullers, other daily wagers, migrant workers are offered free education or nominal fee is charged. Bethany Convent School through Bethany Educational Society, Local Unit supports in th
e maintenance of Disha Non-Formal School.
We have Disha non - formal education for these children who are mostly from interior villages of Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh and refugees’ (of Afghanistan). 
Every year the strength of the students varies. There are 150 - 300 students gaining holistic development in our centre from LKG to Class V. The students have regular classes like that of formal school and three teachers are appointed. They also have the uniform and regular assemblies, sports and cultural activities. All the facilities like furniture, sports equipment, electronic gadgets are availed to them. They all are treated well. They have regular tests and exams followed by Parents - Teachers meeting. After the completion of class 5 they are admitted to various formal schools. 
Once a week they are brought together with the Formal students for common assembly. We have one common programme on national celebrations or school events, where the students of Disha are trained by Non-Formal teachers and the teachers of Bethany Convent School.
Earth Day is celebrated to instill love for nature and to create awareness of individual’s responsibilty towards the mother earth. Institution Day is celebrated to keep the light of Bethany lit always. Independence day and Republic day are celebrated to impart our commitment towards every citizen of the country. Teacher’s Day and Chilren’s Day are celebrated to promote teacher-student relationship and love for teaching –learning process. Festivals like Diwali and Christmas are celebrated with much love and joy and through sharing in kind. The students are helped to build confidence through stage activities.
Bethany Convent School students and teachers, the members of Fr Agnel and Aster School reach out to these students generously in providing material requirements. On different occasions stationery, eateries, uniform, sweaters and sumptuous meal on the occasion of Death Anniversary of Father Founder and Birth of our Lord Jesus Christ are shared. 
Earlier Midday Meal was served everyday which was sponsored by Mary’s Meal, a NGO.
The second Core Value of BES is practically observed in the campus.

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