Safety Measure for External Threat

According to the CBSE guidelines, the school ensures the safety and security of the students,teaching and non teaching staff.
Some rules and regulations are made by school to be followed

  • The area around the school has been declared as school staff at the gate are on the payroll.
  • Alarm system and centralised public announcement system are installed in school.
  • Ramps are constructed at the entry to the school for children with disabilities,lifts are provided for the same at every floor.
  • Regular safety mock drills are conducted to familiarise students and staff with emergency procedures including fire drills,lockdown drills and evacuation drills.
  • School is having concrete boundary wall with four gates ,each gate is manned by guards on a 24 hours basis.
  • A telephone connection is being provided at the main gate of the school so that guards can inform the police in case of any emergency without waiting for informing the nodal officer or the principal.
  • School staff,teacher and students are regularly briefed not to touch any unattended object lying anywhere inside/outside the school,and incase any such object is found,the person who finds it will immediately bring it to the notice of the nodal security officer of the school.
  • CCTV system all along the boundaries as well as some additional locations inside the premises,to monitor the movement of any suspicious person.
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