Rules for Payment of Fees
  • All the fees are to be paid strictly in advance before 15th of the fee scheduled month. Fee may also be paid yearly, half-yearly or term by term, fee can be paid monthly before 15th of every month.
  • Fee must be paid even for those months during which students have been absent.
  • Parents are requested to keep the fee receipt issued to them and produce them in proof of payment if and whenever needed.
  • Fee should be paid by the 15th of April, July, October, January
    1. For April, May & June in April
    2. For July, August & September in July
    3. For October, November & December in October
    4. For January, February & March in January
  • All the school dues must be cleared before the beginning of every term examination , failing which the student will be debarred from giving the examination
  • No reduction is made for vacation or broken period.
  • Fee will be charged from the beginning of the year, even though the child is admitted in the middle of a term.